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Velib stat web site

written in python twisted and javascript from various howto and samples
We propose a serie of online tools to monitor the activity of Velib in Paris:

- json from sqlite3 db and various calculations on the data accumulated

- Instant activity with bikes and availability
- movement patterns by stations 
  * with a vision of the place of departure and arrival of uses 
      * where you deduct the business users

In progress:

- WMS using mapnik to publish data from shapefiles (unused in the example website)
- Calculations of data aggregation on the grid
  - simple aggregation on a tile
  - calculations in the neighborhood grid
  - aggregation of the neighborhoods in slippery area
    - centroids slippery
  - acceleration time

Usage example:

>>> from velib import velib
>>> velib()


Create a portal.cfg with key value like that:



aptitude install python-setuptools
aptitude install python-twisted
python install

Launch web server on port 8880:


Test with web brother:

 Request json data:
         sum of movements by time segment:

     30 minutes segments on a day with activity:

     all stats data for one station

     all stats data for a list of stations

This code is under GPL licence